Local craft and flavours

Découvrez le savoir-faire des habitants du village où est né le couteau Opinel !

Arves honey making


Honey sale and products (royal jelly, candles, flowers pollen).

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L'Escargot de la Maison Blanche

Fontcouverte-la Toussuire

Snail farming, it is my job, my passion! Settled since 2006, I raise and I transform my snails, here in Maurienne. I invite you to come to discover a very surprising exploitation: the snail farming.

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Pasta e Aromi


Do you know it? There is a common point between Opinel, the industry of pasta in Maurienne and the drilling of the railway tunnel of Frejus ….3 glorious epics which are going to mark the valley and its inhabitants.

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Poterie de Montdenis


Situated in a small mountain village you will be able to discover our exhibition and salesroom of stoneware pottery. All our objects are made on the spot, bowls, mugs, teapots, plates...and are designed to give you pleasure in your everyday life.

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Beaufort cheese dairy


Sales of Alpes cheese, butter, cream, wine of Savoie...

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La Chèvrerie de Champlan


Goat's Cheese. Small-scale production. On sale at the farm and local market.

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